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Emerge Artists & Sunset Entertainment


Your Home for Reggae, Upbeat Acoustic, Soul, Rock, Steel Drum, Island, Top 40/Pop, & More

Currently Booking Fall/winter & 2016

Sunset Entertainment Artists:
 Atley Moon & The Say Somethings ~ Nancy Malcun ~ Space Camp ~ Robin Gazzara ~ Eric Vattima ~ Amy Faden ~ Cheezy & The Crackers ~ Brooke Dicaro ~ Christian Glomb ~ Ken Shiles ~ All of It ~ The Raggamuffins ~ Trinidelphia ~ Dynasty Marie ~ Reed Kendall & Up The Chain  ~ Chris Aschman Ensemble ~ Ben Hammond ~ Joe Divita ~ Johnny P ~ The Reflektors ~ Chris Yoder ~ Mysterious Mr. Moto ~ Ted Hammock  ~ The Cousins  ~ Mel & Tony ~ Griz ~ Soul Shakedown Party ~ Cort Farris & Passport  ~ Ryan Tennis  ~ Ray McGeehan ~ Bronson Tennis ~ Mia Bergmann ~ LogJammers ~ Steve Schurtz ~ Tamara Dement  ~ John Francis ~ Ryan Zimmerman ~ Rainbow Fresh

Sunset DJ's: Available for all Ocassions.  Specializing in Eclectic Taste.

Contact Info:

Scott Vattima
Ph: 609-742-4110

Sunset Entertainment grew out of Emerge Artists,  for a way to develop our artists with a strong concentration in Acoustic, Beach Rock, Reggae, Soul,  Steel Drum, Island, &  Top 40 Music.  Over the last couple years our roster has grown to feature all types of music for every event imagineable.  Featuring Modern Motown/soul, Rock/Pop, Latin, Beach Rock, Upbeat acoustic and much more.  Look over all the bands, We  know you will find exactly what you need for your special event, Wedding, Deck Bar, festival, beach bar, or Restaurant.  Sunset Entertainment & Emerge Artists also offers full venue booking.  Our vast knowledge of area bands, experience, and professionalism will be sure to increase clientel to any and all venues we work with. In addition, we also offer full sound production, DJ's, Event Planning,  as well as festival bookings. 

Reggae, Steel Drum, acoustic,  & Soul Bands in New Jersey, Steel Drum Bands in PA, Reggae Bands in NJ,PA,DE

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