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Emerge Artists & Sunset Entertainment

Wedding Receptions, Cocktail Hours, and ceremonies


Steel Pans:  Cort Farris, Chris Aschman, Joe Divita, Vince bello

Piano:  Jeremy Grenhart

Guitar:  Reed Kendall(Acoustic), Ray Pirre(Jazz)

Cocktail Hours

Steel Drum Solo's & Bands:  Trinidelphia, Joe Divita, Cort farris

Jazz:  Jazz is(featuring Jeremy Grenhart), Chris Ascman Ensemble

Acoustic:  Space Camp, Up The Chain, Tropicali Orchestra, Steve Schurtz 

Wedding Reception Bands
All bands Come With a DJ to play in between sets 

Click here for Videos of Ben Hammond & Mojo

Click here for Videos of Funktion 11

Ryan Tennis & The Clubhouse band:  Take some upbeat acoustic music, add a cup of Motown, a dash of New Orleans, a sprinkling of country bluegrass, tight vocal harmonies and a whole lot of POSITIVE GROOVE and you get Ryan Tennis and the Clubhouse Band

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